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Guess who's back in stock!? A little bit late for Halloween (we're so sorry!!) but never too late for a delicious Pumpkin Latte! Time to stock up so you can start creating drinks in time for Christmas!
Head over to our website and get yours today!
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Who's enjoying our tea infusions!? Winter through to Summer, our infusions are always a better way to stay hydrated!
Which one is your favourite?
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@courtneeey_lee is using #QUARTERPAST to help get through lockdown level 4 here in NZ! Hope you're all staying well and safe no matter where you are in the world!
How's #quarterpast helped you? Let us know in the comments below! 🙂

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NZ & AU: have you had a look at the latest addition to our Winter Selection Packs?
If you consider yourself a bit of a chocoholic, then this pack is for you! Mix and match our flavours to create hot chocolates that are out of this world! From Nutty Hazelnut to Indulgent Caramel Hot Chocolates, you can experiment with the flavours and end up with heavenly chocolate creations! Get yours now (pack tagged in this post)! Don't forget to tag us in your creations!! 🍫🍫🍫🍫

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Are you a chocoholic too? Well, from one chocoholic to another, you should REALLY try our Dark Chocolate: it can be used in hot chocolates, ice cream toppings, milkshakes...the world's your oyster! On sale in NZ for just $5.00 delivered! Get yours today! ...

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New Zealand & Australia: with the cooler months here, it is very easy to forget to drink enough fluids to keep feeling well. If you find it difficult to drink water or enough water to meet your needs have you tried our Tea Infusions?

Made with a lemon, ginger & honey base, all of our flavours contain delicious, honest ingredients for full flavour, so you can enjoy not only the wellness, but also every single sip.

Just add to hot water, stir, steep for 2-3min and unwind.

Try adding a few cups to your day and remember your thermos when out and about!

Get yours here:

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Time for something different! Have you tried an Orange Mocha!? 🍊 Here's a quick and easy recipe using our super decadent Q Orange Hot Chocolate! Try it at home and let us know what you think!
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Pineapple Chocolate cocktail!? Yes please! Thanks so much @harridon_deja for sharing this beautiful creation with us!!

We want to know: what are your favourite cocktails using QUARTERPAST!?


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Mandi is right! Our range of mixers are versatile, delicious and great value (25 servings per bottle)! Have you tried our Black Tea & Peach yet!? Try it in cold water, hot water, sparkling water or even as a smoothie! The options are endless! Get yours now! ...

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Sit back, relax and unwind. A cup of hot tea infusion can improve your mood, make you feel well, warm and cosy. Here's a quick, easy and super delicious way of making that cup you need just before bed:
1. Fill 10% of a cup with your favourite QUARTERPAST Tea Infusion.
2. Top the remaining 90% with hot water.
3. Stir and steep for 2-3min.
4. Unwind!

#teainfusion #quarterpast #teatime #bedtime #unwind #tastytea

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Did you know gold kiwi has roughly 3 times more vitamin C than an orange! ⠀

It's what makes this superfood the perfect addition to our Tea Infusion range!⠀
Combined with antioxidant-rich turmeric and anti-inflammatory ginger, not only does it taste amazing, it's got all the ingredients to keep your immune system lively this Autumn/winter.⠀

Link in bio to get yours today!

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You guys seriously blow us away with your creativity! Choc-pineapple cookie sandwiches 🤤

Our thick and luxurious formula means you aren’t limited to only Hot Chocolates!

What’s are your creative ways of using our drinking chocolate? Let us know in the comments bellow!

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Need a creative use for those Easter Eggs this weekend?⠀
Try our Cream-Egg Milkshake Filled Eggs!⠀
Its so easy to make these showstopper treats, which will bring a smile to everyone's faces!⠀

1 Easter Egg⠀
2 TBSP QUARTERPAST Dark Drinking Chocolate⠀
2 tsp QUARTERPAST Vanilla⠀
2 tsp QUARTERPAST Caramel⠀
1 scoop Icecream⠀
1 cup Milk⠀

1. Run a knife under hot water. When its hot use it to gently cut the top off your Easter Egg, reheat the knife as you need.⠀
2. Place all other ingredients in a blender and blend till smooth⠀
3. Heat a plate under Hot water and place the Egg ontop, Make sure it melts slightly onto the plate so it remains upright.⠀
4. Pour your drink into the Egg⠀
5. Garnish the plate with any easter treats you have around!⠀
6. ENJOY!⠀

Give it a go and tag us in your creations!

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Want to make your Good Friday even better? Why not try this boozy chocolate martini!⠀
We love our Dark drinking chocolate in Hot Chocolates... but this may be its best use yet!⠀


2 Tbsp QUARTERPAST Dark Hot Chocolate⠀
1 Shot (30ml) Vodka⠀
2 shots (60ml) Irish Cream⠀
150ml Milk⠀

Fill a shaker with ice⠀
Add all ingredients and shake until the shaker is frosted over⠀
Strain into a glass⠀
Garnish and enjoy!⠀

*If you would like something extra, use QUARTERPAST Dark Hot Chocolate to line the rim of your martini glass like we have here!⠀

Make sure to tag us in all of your creations!

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Thank you Amber for your kind words about our Iced Coffee's!⠀
We are always elated to see customers reviewing our drinks, maybe it will be you and your review featured next...

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Barista quality drinks at home?! Yes Please!⠀

With 18 serves per bottle, Our Iced coffees go a long way... that is if you can limit yourself to just one a day! ⠀

At 40c per serve, the money you would usually spend on café Iced coffees can instead be used exploring our full range!⠀

So what are you trying at home? Maple, Mocha, Decaf or original?

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Our Easter pack contains four QUARTERPAST classics that can be combined to create your favourite Easter treats?!

Get yours today by hitting the link in our bio...

Have you tried every product in our Easter pack?! Or is this your opportunity to explore our range? Let us know bellow!

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Our Easter pack is available on our website now!

A curated collection of products, perfectly paired to bring the warm and rich flavours of Easter to your drinks!

Keep an eye out on our social media pages for the recipes for these Epic Hot Cross Bun Latte and Cream Egg Hot Chocolate recipes!

Who are you gifting an Easter pack to this Easter? Or are you keeping it for yourself? 👀 Let us know bellow!

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Edit: Giveaway closed


Everyone knows the best conversations with friends happen over a hot drink right?!

We want to treat you and a friend to a mix pack of Hot Chocolates each for your next catchup!

All you need to do to enter is tag a friend in the comments below and make sure you are both following QUARTERPAST!

It’s as easy as that!

Extra entry for sharing this post on your stories!

AU and NZ only hi

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Salted Caramel 🤤⠀
A cult favourite for all our salty-sweet lovers out there!⠀

Our Salted Caramel syrup is the perfect additive to change up your morning coffee, create delectable salted caramel hot chocolates and deliver a flavour punch in your milkshakes!⠀

So are you team Caramel or salted Caramel? ⠀
Let us know bellow!

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Thank you Debbie for your kind words!⠀
We are so glad you love our Hot Chocolates as much as we do :)⠀

Make sure you are fully stocked up on everything chocolate for Easter by hitting the link in our bio 🙂

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☕️ Hot Chocolate☕️ ⠀

This winter warmer has always been the weapon of choice to curb a late night chocolate craving, but we have gotten complacent with powders that deliver all the additives and none of the taste.⠀

Our Hot chocolate range comes in liquid form because it allows us to deliver the richest, most decedent cocoa experience, while making it versatile over a range of applications including as a dessert and ice cream topper.⠀

When developing this product we knew one flavour wouldn't be enough, which is why we developed Dark, Pineapple, Mint and Orange! Which flavour would you reach for first? Let us know in the comments bellow!

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Even though the weather is cooling down, our milkshakes can still be enjoyed year round!⠀

Tui_folk put together these incredible dessert style shakes, complete with red velvet cupcakes and Easter eggs, using our Strawberry and chocolate marshmallow shake syrups! Showing that Milkshakes can make the perfect dessert any night of the week!⠀

How good is your shake game?⠀
Comment bellow and tell us what you would add to yours to make it the perfect after dinner snack?!

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We are one week into Autumn here in NZ and the weather the change of season has brought with it has been... less than ideal!⠀

The wind and rain however give the perfect excuse to curl up on the couch with a warming Tea Infusion! ⠀

Packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients to support your immune system through the change of season, which flavour are you reaching for?

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Thank you so much Fiona!⠀

Another amazing review about our Banoffee Milkshake syrup!⠀

Banoffee for many is an unknown flavour, but for anyone who has had a banoffee pie you can guarantee this product is banoffee pie in a bottle!⠀

Imagine smooth cream, rich caramel and a hit of fresh banana... now head to the link in our bio and see how accurate your imagination is 😉

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Our friends in the UK joined the QUARTERPAST Milkshake party last week! ⠀
And if the orders are anything to go by... you could say they are excited! ⠀

So what better time to show them just how versatile our flavours are!⠀
One of our amazing customers put together this incredible Banana Chocolate shake! It tastes exactly like a popular chocolate bar... can you guess which one? ⠀

Comment bellow your guess!

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We know we are doing something right when the addition of our Lamington syrup makes a lamington tastes even more like a lamington! ⠀

Thank you so much to songbirdbakes for this INCREDIBLE picture of our lamington syrup, and for showing just how versatile this product is!⠀

Lamington is limited addition and our stock is dropping by the day so make sure you get your hands on it quick if you don't want to miss out!⠀

Nothing better than a fresh, home baked lamington...😍 The very kind people at QuarterPast sent us their new flavour syrup to try, and we realised we haven’t made lamingtons in such a long time! (We actually tried putting the syrup into the chocolate dipping sauce & holy moley - never knew a lamington could taste EVEN MORE like a lamington. 😍) Soooooo good. If you know our family, you know they disappeared pretty quickly! 🤣

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Thanks Tracey for your kind words! ❤️⠀

We make our products with our customers in mind, so hearing directly from YOU that you love our products means the world! ⠀

Have you got your hands on our Decaf Iced Coffee Concentrate? Make sure to let us know what you think!

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1st of March means first day of Autumn here in NZ! 🍁⠀
Or as our American friends call it FALL! ⠀

Pumpkin Pie and Fall are a match made in heaven, with QUARTERPAST pumpkin pie syrup delivering warm spices and a delectable pumpkin flavour. Perfect to enjoy as the days get shorter and nights colder. ⠀

Our pumpkin spice is here for a limited time so don't hesitate adding it to your cart today!⠀

Available in single or value 4-pack, Link in bio

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