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Q Mocha Iced Coffee Concentrate 360mL


Full flavour and honest ingredients you can have everywhere!

This Mocha Concentrate will change the game for all coffee and chocolate lovers out there!

When creating this flavour we had three things in mind: deliver real coffee flavour, balance it perfectly with real cocoa powder and make it absolutely easy to use; with the ultimate goal of delivering an unforgettable Iced Mocha experience which you can replicate anywhere, any time!

We cold brew our coffee for 12 hours to maintain the true coffee flavour, then expertly blend it with real decadent cocoa powder, resulting in a rich, indulgent and super concentrated formula you can add to any type of milk and have the Iced Mocha of your dreams!

Versatility is also part of the game: there are endless ways you can use our Iced Mocha Concentrate:

– Mocha Frappes

– Iced Mochas

– Mocha Milkshakes

– Mocha Coffees

And the list goes on – use your creativity and create stunning Decaf beverages that will not disappoint!

Give it a go and try for yourself!

One 360mL bottle = 18 drinks

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