Q Maple Iced Coffee Concentrate 360mL


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Full flavour and honest ingredients you can have everywhere!

Wanting to try something different? Then you've come to the right place!

Who would have thought that Maple and Coffee go well together?

With delicious notes of dark brown sugar, molasses and toffee, we've elegantly infused our maple flavour with 12-hourĀ cold brewed coffee, creating a rich, decadent and super concentrated formula you can add to any type of milk and take your Iced Coffee experience to a whole different level!

Versatility is also part of the game: there are endless ways you can use our Iced Mocha Concentrate:

- Maple Coffee Frappes

- Maple Mochas

- Maple Coffee Milkshakes

- Maple Lattes

And the list goes on - use your creativity and create stunning Iced Maple Coffee beverages that will not disappoint!

Give it a go and try for yourself!

One 360mL bottle = 18 drinks

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Weight0.56 kg
Dimensions7.5 × 7.5 × 15 cm



Q Iced Coffee Concentrate Global


Cold-Brewed for Full Coffee Flavour!


Notes of Dark Sugar and Molasses from Maple


Easy to Use & Versatile:
Add Water & Ice or Add Milk & Ice (or create a delicious Dalgona Coffee)!

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