HOT CHOCOLATE Syrup/Sauce Mixed 360mL (4-Pack)


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Your chocolate experience should never disappoint!
Everyone needs variety; it's the key to a balanced life. Your hot chocolate range should be no different!
These packs come with one of each of the four flavours, so you can enjoy them all  and pick your favourite!

  1. Dark Hot Chocolate
  2. Mint Hot Chocolate
  3. Orange Hot Chocolate
  4. Pineapple Hot Chocolate

Make sure you have enough in your pantry, so you and your family can always experience chocolates in a better way!
Thickness will naturally vary, as it is made with a high concentration of real cocoa, so get creative getting it out of the bottle: scoop it, pour it, enjoy it!
One 360mL bottle = 18 cups

QUARTERPAST does not use artificial colours or flavoursQUARTERPAST Hot Chocolates have are not GMO QUARTERPAST Hot Chocolates are vegan-friendly


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Weight2.24 kg
Dimensions31 × 8 × 15 cm



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