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Fun homemade milkshakes with honest ingredients for the whole family!

This milkshake concentrate flavour is fun and everything else you and the kids want: it’s delicious, full of real bananas, with just the perfect amount of sweetness and the best part…no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners! You can make real fun milkshakes in under a minute without all the mess! Perfect for the whole family!

Make sure you keep plenty in the pantry for that daily afternoon treat that won’t be bad for you or the kids!

For a delicious Milkshake:

  1. Fill 10% of a glass with QUARTERPAST Banana Shake
  2. Top with any type of milk
  3. Stir and enjoy!


For a delicious Smoothie:

  1. Add ice into a glass.
  2. Fill 10% of a glass with QUARTERPAST Banana Shake
  3. Add 1 tablespoon of greek yoghurt into the glass
  4. Top with any type of milk
  5. Pour the contents of the glass into a blender and blend until smooth!


One 360mL bottle = 18 cups

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Dimensions7.5 × 7.5 × 15 cm


Handmade Milkshake

Fun homemade milkshakes with honest ingredients for the whole family! 


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Monique S-A
Beautiful taste

Well where to start? Am in raptures over the Banana Milkshake syrup - I just love how it almost has the old fashioned banana taste to it - I just literally can’t get enough of it. Between this and the Banoffee - they are definately my favourites.

Corey W
Yummy natural flavour

I tend not to indulge in banana (and strawberry) flavoured drinks (or dairy food) due to the flavour being unnatural and not tasting nice. This QuarterPast Banana Milkshake flavour would be the best and most natural tasting banana flavour I have encountered in any drink (or food). Delicious!

Sharon Smith
Great quality product. All round super service.

Absolute delicious, awesome smell too.

John Steedman
Banana Shake

all I can say is that it is beautiful. will be ordering more

Joanne Makiha
Just like the real thing

Ok, so I’m not a big milkshake fun, but this was DELICIOUS. It definitely tasted like banana & im really impressed. It won’t be my last purchase

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